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a holistic approach to dog wellness/

at Hemp Hounds, we're passionate about creating top-quality, human-grade dog chews that are designed to help your furry friend thrive.

Our holistic chews are packed with natural hemp oil, plant terpenes, and other adaptogens, which work together to support your dog's unique physiology and specific needs.

We're proud to say that all of our treats are made with veterinarian-supported ingredients and have been formulated by multi-patent award-winning inventors in the hemp space. This unique blend of holistic ingredients go the extra mile for your pup, just like they do for you. 

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quality you can see and feel/

our commitment to quality doesn't stop with ingredients. We've gone above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our product is top-notch, from the plastic-free packaging to the braille on every carton for our visually impaired customers, to the use of biodegradable, FSC-certified materials in the creation of our premium dog treats. Quality you can see..and feel. 

we just love them/

show us purer love than a dog’s. We’ll wait. Honestly, though, we created Hemp Hounds because there’s nothing better than the love, joy, and comfort a dog brings.

they’re our best friends, companions, soulmates, and more and the least we can do is give them what they need to feel their very best. 

pawsitively adored/

My dog has a laundry list of triggers and Hemp Hounds Calm helps her deal with all of them. We’ve been giving her these for a week now and have noticed a significant decrease in stress overall. Run don’t walk to order these if your dog shows signs of anxiety.

Rebecca K. Nelson

First and foremost, I liked the packaging that the dog treats came in.
After feeding the treats to my friend's dog, she seemed to really like them!

Jordan Nasser

I have a senior pitbull that desperately needed something for her hips and joints. Most products on the market have preservatives and fillers in them I refuse to spend money on. I feel it is counterproductive in their bodies. This product has the highest quality ingredients on the market and my dogs love them. A must buy!

shauna galligan

Our dog loves these treats and we’ve noticed she has better mobility with consistent use. She’s 10 & doing great, but let’s face it, her parts aren’t quite what they used to be, so this has been great. Thank you Hemp Hounds!

Rebecca K. Nelson

Arrived on time and packaging is easy to read and informative on what it does and ingredients. Opening the milk carton style container was a little difficult but I like the nostalgia. My dog has had skin issues and after 3 days of taking the treats, I’ve noticed she has stopped itching almost completely and her coat feels softer and the redness is fading. On top of that she LOVES them.

mason leo sharrow

complete health for our dogs/

it’s an holistic thing for us. We designed our supplements with the understanding that we’re taking care of our dog’s whole body health by supporting their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This is holistic health for their neurological, immune, and nervous systems.